Welcome to the Bronx South District Council of Presidents (BSDCOP) website. BSDCOP's primary mission is to make our living conditions at NYCHA as good as they can be as we work to empower our residents. With the cooperation of residents, management, staff, the Resident Association and BSDCOP, we can achieve this goal.


It must be a joint effort. Please get involved. We need you !









Utilizing Technology to Empower Residents &

Increase Resident Safety and Quality of Life



VIRTUAL TENANT PATROL is available to all residents over the Internet


VIRTUAL TENANT PATROL can be viewed on your


Smart Phone


Notebook or Tablet


VIRTUAL TENANT PATROL completely controlled by residents


WE are Watching US !



If you do not have Internet service, the Digital Divide Partnership (DDP) can provide you with free Wi-Fi access (where available)


VIRTUAL TENANT PATROL has been established by the BSDCOP

in association with the DDP


Bronx South District Council of Presidents

340 Alexander Avenue, Suite 1C

Bronx, NY 10454